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RoboCast #69: Bugglebots Season 2 - Heat 3 Review

December 29, 2019

Episode Title: Revolutions of Saw


In this podcast, I am joined as ever by Anderson9132 as we discuss the 3rd Heat of Bugglebots Season 2! In this episode, we’re joined by Team RGB’s Alex Mordue and Two Headed Death Flamingo’s and Team Impact’s Felix Townsend!


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Time Stamps:

0:00 – Introduction

1:09 – Felix’s Improvements to Rev 2

4:00 – Alex’s Return to Robot Combat with Saw Loser

6:26 – Thoughts on W I D 3 B O I

7:21 – Saw Loser vs W I D 3 B O I

12:31 – Thoughts on Unconscious 514

14:52 – Thoughts on Leim Thart

15:55 – Leim Thart vs Unconscious 514

18:15 – Thoughts on Rev 4

18:36 – Thoughts on The Apprentice

19:25 – Rev 4 vs The Apprentice

24:15 – Leim Thart vs Rev 4 vs W I D 3 B O I

28:34 – Saw Loser vs Unconscious 514

30:54 – Leim Thart vs The Apprentice

34:25 – Leim Thart vs Saw Loser

37:14 – Closing Thoughts and Outro




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